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Boogie Chillen Bourbon (50% ABV) is a smooth, flavorful bourbon with subtle notes of baking spices, warm brown sugar, and roasted mixed nuts that lead to a rich, leather finish on the tongue. Every sip of John Lee Hooker Bourbon tells a story of passion, authenticity, and a shared love for music and bourbon.

Made with the finest blends of corn, rye, and malted barley, then aged for a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels distilled in Bardstown, Kentucky by the award-winning Bardstown Company Bourbon.

John Lee Hooker Legacy Spirits currently produce Boogie Chillen Bourbon 1948, its namesake coming from Hooker’s 1948 debut record, “Boogie Chillen,” and the first "down-home" electric blues song to reach number one in the R&B records chart.

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