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Who are JLH Foundation?

JLH is a charitable foundation that was established by the Hooker Family in Alameda County, California in 2001. Its purpose is to support the well being of children and youth through educational programs.

JLH focuses upon three areas: (A) helping children and youth live healthy lives through education and prevention; (B) helping live literate lives through learning; and (3) helping live culturally enriched lives through arts education.

John Lee Hooker Legacy Spirits - The Foundation
John Lee Hooker Legacy Spirits - The Foundation

Meet Our Partners

The John Lee Hooker Foundation supports grassroots community organizations in art and education programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. By providing funding, curriculum and instruments through fundraising efforts and generous contributions. The foundation intends to preserve John Lee's generous and compassionate spirit and ensure that young people from all walks of life have access to cultural, musical and artistic exposure.

The foundation makes grants to community based; grass roots  organizations that work with children and youth, especially those at risk and disadvantaged due to such factors as poor health, illiteracy, or insufficient educational and cultural opportunities.

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